Romantic, Artsy : Paris

Romantic, Artsy : Paris

When people think Paris, the image that comes to their head is the Eiffel Tower, berets & accordion music. Paris today is still the most romantic spot in the world and you can feel it in the air. But Paris is also famous for art, we guess every art enthusiast’s dream would be to visit Paris at least once. Hoodaki wants to make these dreams come true. Whether you a romantic getaway with you partner or you want to just explore the art & food, Paris is not out of bounds when you’re tripping with Hoodaki!  

The Louvre is the world’s largest museum and it takes roughly about 3 months to go through all the objects thoroughly. From Roman to Islamic artifact, Louvre acts like a your window to the world.


Marchés aux Puces is the place you have to be, if you’re looking for antiques and unique items like “19th century crystal chandeliers, mid-century modern chairs, or a vintage Louis Vuitton trunk”.You may have to try really hard not to max out your credit card and empty out your bank out.


Taxidermy may not be the most common thing on a traveller’s list unless you are the curious kind, in case you are the Deyrolle is another attraction you shouldn’t miss out. Opened in 1831 this cabinet of curiosities has drawers upon drawers of insects and animals that were collected over a period of time.

Pretty much every corner of Paris is going to serve you delicious, delicious food. From baked good and stews, you’ll be gaining a couple of pounds on your trip for sure! But that’s okay you’re on a vacation. Mini Palais is a place that only most locals know about, beautiful contemporary decor and food and wine that is absolutely delectable!

Paris seems pretty close from Britain, but still seems out of reach because of this myth that it’s a very expensive trip. Even if you’re in a budget, we can make it happen! Just give us a call and let’s plan your dream trip to Paris!

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