Travel to Fascinating Egypt

Travel to Fascinating Egypt

Egypt has been a matter of great fascination for mankind, ever since it was discovered. Partly because of the unusual, ancient architecture but mostly because of all the mystery and myths around these structures. Have you always wanted these wonders for yourself and never got a chance to? Hoodaki has offers that are too tempting and pocket friendly to refuse!

We’ve listed out a couple of things you should not miss out on your trip to Egypt.

  1. Nilometer: Sounds like a made up name, but the Nilometer is exactly what the name suggests, it measures the water of Nile. It was an ancient scale that helped farmers know whether there was going to be a flood. Of course this water measuring device is no longer in use but even for something as practical as Nilometer, it is too beautiful a structure to be missed. Artistic wonder to say the least.


2. City of the Dead: As morbid as it sounds, the City of the Dead or as they call it  Zawiyyet al-Mayyiteen is a huge cemetery that is stretched across a few kilometers of land, there are so many conical dome tombs that from a distance they’ll look like the waves of the sea. But since it is still a working cemetery, you have to be respectful.


3.White Desert: Maybe we all can’t travel to the moon, but Egypt has the next best thing, White Desert, with giant formations of chalk rock. If you plan your trip right on a full moon night camp there and watch the land light up under the moonlight.


4. Blue Desert: Unlike the White desert which is a natural phenomenon the blue desert is an art installation by Belgian artist Jean Verame who was inspired by the peace treaty of 1979. Although the paint has faded away largely, one can still see blue boulder; still is a spectacle and a reminder of peace.



5. Nightlife in Egypt: Now that you’ve seen the places you need to visit during the day Egypt. You need to know that Egypt knows how to party hard, the nightlife in Cairo is thriving, from belly dancers to jazz bars Egypt has it all! Delicious night markets from when you feel peckish after all that dancing and drinking are also serving kebabs and various mouth watering dishes!


When such beautiful places is out there for us to travel to and enjoy, it’s sad that most of us can’t. Hoodaki is making travel pocket friendly and comfortable so that you pack your bags and take the next flight off London to where you want to go! Just call our experts and plan your trip today!

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