How to move about in Delhi?

How to move about in Delhi?

Stepping out of the flight you booked through Hoodaki, you’ll be at Indira Gandhi International Airport named after a former prime minister of India. You leave the lavish airport and perhaps go to your hotel, Radisson Blu Plaza before you begin your trip around Delhi. Flights from Manchester or London to Delhi are so cheap through Hoodaki that airfare would be least of your worries!

Delhi is a huge city to cover so you need professional help, being the capital it is the center of administration and trade which you will see while you tour around the city. History has left many marks and it’ll become evident in the different architectural styles of historical monuments, from the Islamic to British studded all around.

Museums and Art

If you are confused as to what to see first, the best way would be to take a touristic bus which would cover all the must-see tourist spots in a day or two. Two of the most important spots according to us is National Museum and National Gallery of Modern Art, both not too far from each other (2.7 kms). Each contain magnificent collections of art, culture and history. The National Museum has over 2,10,000 objects ranging from pre-history to modern history. While National Gallery of Modern Art has artworks from almost every Indian artist from every Indian artist movement till today. So history and art buffs, Delhi is definitely a treat!


National Museum, Janpath (

Chandni Chowk

Situated in Old Delhi opposite the Red Fort, Chandni Chowk has been and still is the center for trade, almost everything that comes into the city comes from here. Be warned, the alley are narrow and it’s always busy and chaotic, you may want to have a couple of espressos before brave into these streets! If you know where to go, you’re in for lots of food, the famous Paranthe wali gali (alley) serves, piping hot parathas (basically stuff rotis/chappatis) but don’t look at how it’s made. If you want to shop for upholstery, dry fruits, spices anything you can shop here.

Chandni Chowk (wanderingearl)

Connaught Place

One thing you’ll never run out if in Delhi is food, suitable for every palette. One of the top places in your food list should be Connaught Place. Concentric circles of Georgian-style buildings once served as place for leisure to the British officials. And there still are a couple of cafes and shops that dates back to the time of the Raj. But with the number of pubs, bars, restaurants in CP alone is enough to give you a head spin and a lavish list to choose from.

Connaught Place (

Paharganj & Majnu ka Tilla

If you are looking for a place that’s a little offbeat you can head to Paharganj  which is a short autorickshaw ride away from Connaught Place or Majnu ka Tilla a bit further away (might want to take the Metro), which is a Tibetan Refugee Colony infested with college going young adults who are all there for Tibetan, North Eastern style cuisine at dirt cheap prices.

Majnu Ka Tilla (wethefashion)

Sarojini Nagar Market

Now if you’ve told anybody who knows Delhi that you’re visiting Delhi they will advise you to shop at Sarojini Nagar Market. SN market as the locals know it, is a giant flea market selling clothes and household items. This is a good place to shop a whole lot of clothes without burning a hole in your pocket (Protip : Bargain). You may want to avoid the place on Sundays, because even though it is always busy it gets crazy crowded with shoppers on Sundays and on Mondays the entire market is closed, except a few shops.

Sarojini Nagar Market (

Dilli Haat

Travelling to entire India maybe the dream but it’s also impossible, but if you go to Dilli Haat you’ll get a taste of every state in India. Another great place to shop and eat, there are handicrafts and food from almost every state of India. You can buy beautiful decorative items, Pashminas etc. in this one ticketed space! Shop away lovelies!

Bamboo Dance performance at Dilli Haat

These are just a few places and things to do in Delhi, the whole city is studded with old monuments which is open to the public for free you can explore them at your own pace. So many different cafes serving different cuisine, we promise you’ll never miss bakeries or patisseries of Manchester or London because bakers in Delhi can seriously bake! Travelling in the Metro is also a cheap and convenient way to reach anywhere around the city. Be careful and try avoiding rides with strangers if you are taking a taxi or an auto. And obviously don’t give away your details especially if you’re a female traveller. Act smart and you’ll have a great time in Delhi! Hoodaki is offering a trip around Delhi and two more states in the the Golden Triangle package, which we’ll elaborate on soon!

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