Awaken Your Life in Sydney

Awaken Your Life in Sydney

To visit Australia one needs a fat wad of cash and an unquenchable thirst for adventure. Or so you think. At least the thirst for adventure bit is true. We at Hoodaki think that you should finally that great Australian holiday you have been dreaming and day-dreaming about.

If you really want to enjoy your trip at Australia you have to go about it like an Ozzie, but that’s the general rule for any holiday at any location. With Hoodaki always ready to assist you with your travel and holiday needs you’ll be just fine!

Anyway, after that little pep talk. Here are a couple of things you should not miss out on your trip to Sydney, Australia. (Do not spend any waking moment holed up in your hotel room unless you want take a break & really relax.)

1.         LEARN HOW TO SURF :


If you’re in Australia and you’re not doing their favourite national pastime, then are you really making use of your time there? There are there are a lot of people offering lessons, you can even ask your hotel to fix you up with one. Although, the most popular beach in Sydney is the Bondi beach but if you already know how to surf then you should head to north shore which apparently has the best waves.



Okay, technically not in Sydney by just an hour and half away from the city, you’ll reach the Blue Mountains National Park which has some really mad rock formations including the Three Sisters. Take in the fresh air and enjoy the sunlight while you hike away. So make sure you pack your hiking gear.



There’s something incredibly satisfying about walking along coastlines where you can see the gushing waves foaming up near the coast then reforming all over again. Watching waves is perhaps one sight nobody ever gets tired of, so soak up the view and the sun because it’s spectacular. Although the Bondi-Coogee walk is the popular one the north shore, Split-Manly is much quieter.  



The Sydney Harbour Bridge is iconic, and taking a walk along the whole stretch is a must do. We’d suggest walking till the middle and really enjoy the sight, absorb the coastal wind take a moment or two to really appreciate life; which is something we forget given our busy schedules and responsibilities.

5.         THE ROCKS :


Under the shadow of the Sydney Harbour Bridge is The Rocks, a lot of history was made in this neighbourhood and it’s still visible with all the architecture from the past and museums in this area. Explore this neighbourhood leisurely, with all the cafes, restaurants and bars you’ll never run out of food and drinks too!



This is a bonus, but since you are in Sydney and you’ll be staring at the Opera House a lot it doesn’t make sense if you don’t go in. You can take a guided tour of the building and enjoy a show as well. Shows given the glamour of Sydney are surprisingly affordable. So instead of buying a lot of things you don’t need enjoy a (there about 40 shows per week) and broaden your mind!


While you’re in Sydney, we would suggest staying at the Holiday Inn Old Sydney, because it overlooks the Harbour Bridge and Opera House so you know it has a spectacular view. But the Inn itself has an amazing rooftop with a sauna so just before your flight back to London (sadly) you’ll have an amazing relaxing dip in the pool! And with Hoodaki your travel and stay will be cheap; we make sure our customers/travelers get the best out of their hard earned money! With Hoodaki flying from London to Sydney and your holiday in Sydney should be what holidays are supposed to be, relaxing and rejuvenating.  

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