Five Things We Think You Shouldn’t Miss Out in Bangkok

Five Things We Think You Shouldn’t Miss Out in Bangkok

Bangkok has a reputation, a city everybody loves to hate. The sprawling cityscape is something that sticks with you forever after your journey here. We at Hoodaki know that once you come to Bangkok you will not forget it ever. As your flight lands, you are to be ready for an experience of a lifetime. We know that you will cover up the temples, palaces and Reclining Buddhas on your trip to Bangkok from Hoodaki so we aren’t going to talk about that. This blog is about things that you only hear about from locals and may make you spend a bit extra time or energy or money. Totally worth it though!


Songkran Festival:

So number one on our list requires you to time your trip during April so that you join in the Songkran Festival. It is Thai New Year and the entire city celebrates it together. Do you know how they celebrate it? A water fight! Yes! April is a wee-bit hot so it only makes sense to cool off with water (splashing from all directions). Tip is to not wear clothes you don’t want to spoil for obvious reasons and carry a water gun! According to the Thai Lunar calendar, it is the year of the ‘Dog’.


          The Bangkok Puppet Show:

Some of you might be already familiar to this, but in case you aren’t go to the Bangkok Puppet Show. It’s unlike any other puppet show you’ve ever seen, the puppeteers don’t hide behind a screen in fact they are a part of the entire play. Dressed in black not to completely distract the audience but you get to see the hand movements and manipulation which add a whole other dimension to the show!

Muay Thai Fight:

Muay Thai is kinda like kickboxing but a bit more brutal, so if you are into watching wrestling/boxing matches then you should definitely head to Lumpini or Ratchadamnoen stadiums. While you are there you can place your bets too, who knows by you’ll make money on your holiday!


Sathorn Unique Tower

A 49 storey skyscraper was abandoned unfinished has now become a hideout spot to for many adventure seekers and climbers. If there are guards at the base bribe them, because the climb followed  by the view is totally worth it! But if you aren’t too keen on climbing 49 flights of stair, you can go take the lift at Banyan Tree Hotel all the way to the 61st floor and at the Vertigo and Moon bar enjoy the view while you sip on some delicious cocktail.


Nightlife of Bangkok:

The nightlife in Bangkok is thriving! It’s lively! It’s loud! And it gets very crazy! Khao San Road maybe backpacker district by day but the 1 km stretch takes the life of a party monster by night, go bar hopping and revel in the night. There are also a range of different rooftop bars, cocktail bars, nightclubs to explore!

There you have it, our top 5 must do in Bangkok. Whether you’re flying from Manchester or London, call you the Hoodaki experts and plan your unforgettable trip with us! From hotels, to car facility, to flights choose any part where you’d need help from Hoodaki, over whether you want us to you plan your entire holiday! Remember, Hoodaki is just one call away!

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