To Live and Not See Athens is a Greek Tragedy

To Live and Not See Athens is a Greek Tragedy

All of 7000 years worth of civilization has left some kind of mark in the History of Athens. Visiting Athens at least once needs to be in everyone’s bucket list. The entire city has a bit of every era that has passed by, from historical/mythical architecture to modern day architecture; of course all of it in a raw natural background, with the sea and olive gardens! Ah, Athens is a feel good city! Hoodaki offers flights, hotels and holiday packages to Athens, based on your preference you just have to decide how much of our help you require to start your holiday at Athens!

Why should one go to Athens you ask?  

The History


There is so much rich history and culture to see in Athens, that a history buff will never get tired or even run out of places to visit. From the Acropolis of Athens to Parthenon to an array of different museums and temples, every building ever object has a fascinating story or myth around it. Definitely opt of guided tours of these monuments and museums, we’re sure you will love it! The Parthenon was former temple dedicated to Goddess Athena, during the reign of the Ottoman Empire, it was also turned into a mosque.


The Nightlife


Don’t be fooled by the art and architecture in Athens, and think that Athens will not have a nightlife. Because the nightlife in Athens is pretty kickass! Catering to every taste and person, there’s again something you’d find interesting. And locals don’t exclude outsiders from joining into the party, because of course, the more the merrier! There are Jazz bars like Allotino & Cafe Boheme while there is also a 70s themed discotheque called Cinderella that plays music from the 70s and 80s! The food, oh the food, fresh seafood, vegetables and different dishes with phyllo pastry, the greeks love to eat and feed, so food is always a priority!

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Things to do

Watch something at the Cine Paris, it’s an open theater that was first opened by a Greek hairdresser in the early 1920s, it shut down and reopened in 1986 and till today it’s up an running. Under the Acropolis, it is one place you should not miss out! There are so many wine bars in Athens that you must take some time and just go wine bar hopping the entire night, lace your night with wine while enjoying some food and good laugh with your friends.


So book that flight to Athens from Hoodaki and begin you great big Greek adventure! Athens is a large city and we’d say take a slow vacation in Athens, savour your time in the city and take it slow. There is a lot to see and experience, but more importantly, you should enjoy the city like a Greek! Eat your weight in cheese and olives and drink enough wine, but also go out and explore the city. With hotels starting at just £29.66, you know you’ll have comfortable stay at Athens. London to Athens is just a call away!

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