Historical, Monumental : Lahore

Historical, Monumental : Lahore

Different empires reigned this city, and each of them left a dramatic mark. This blog post is dedicated to all History buffs; Lahore is magnificent view into the past. With various monuments and structures to look at, it is totally worth taking a flight to LahoreHoodaki believes everybody should enjoy their vacation based on what interests them. So to tease the history buffs out there here are five beautiful structures you shouldn’t miss out in Lahore.

  1. Bahshahi Mosque

    This Mughal era beauty was commissioned by Aurangzeb to commemorate the military strategy against the Maratha king Shivaji Bhonsle. This is a marvelous structure took two  years to complete. Badshahi Mosque is a typical Mughal era structure built with red sandstone & marble inlay work.

  1. Lahore Fort


Next on our list is another Mughal structure, this structure has a long history and earliest recording is in the 11th century during Mahmud of Ghazni of a mud-brick fort. The structure that you see today was commissioned by Emperor Akbar and decorated by the man who loved decorations Shah Jahan.

  1. Sheesh Mahal


Built by Emperor Shah Jahan, gets its name from the mirror inlay work. This is beautiful structure will leave you awestruck, you can spend hours here just staring at the mirrors and pitra dura against white marble.

  1. Shalimar Gardens

    Mughal Garden are divided into four based on the Quran’s reference to Paradise. And yes, this walking through this garden you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into paradise! Come on, look at it!

  2. Hiran Minar

    Jahangir loved nature, but then he loved hunting as well. Hiran Minar was dedicated to his pet antelope Mansiraj. The use of space and the extravagance will give you a glimpse of the mughal reign.

Lahore has beautiful structures studded all over the place. So take a flight from Manchester, take a flight from London or even take a flight from Glasgow and fly to Lahore. This exotic land is one experience you shouldn’t miss out at all! Hoodaki will be there every step of the way to make your experience absolutely memorable!

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