Kerala : A Calming Experience

Kerala : A Calming Experience

There is a reason why every traveller would recommend going to Kerala if you’re looking for real relaxation. Time just to spend with yourself, to pamper yourself; a trip to Kerala will give you time to introspect. Hoodaki provides different holiday packages specific to Kerala, just because we think it’s important everyone gets a chance to experience ‘God’s Own Country’. Here are some things you can experience in Kerala to tantalize you a bit further.

  1. Massages 
    Kerala is popular for its exotic, ancient ayurvedic medicine, these include different forms of massages. You can consult a doctor for some specific treatments, or just go for a simple full body massage. Trust us, you’ll feel like a new person afterwards!



  1. Bathe Elephants
    Elephants are too identifiable with Kerala, hence; not only can you ride elephants through a serene landscape but you can actually bathe them by the river. Oh! They do splash water with their trunks so do be ready to take a shower yourself!


  1. Backwaters
    There’s literally nothing more peaceful than going on a slow leisurely boat ride on calm waters, which is surrounded by lush greenery! Just the thought is making us want to go right now! In most water bodies you will not hear anything but the lapping of water & nothing else.


  1. Temple Music
    All religious celebrations in Kerala are unique in its own way, they each have a form of dance which are only done by women. But temple celebrations are a sight! Vibrant & loud these celebrations go pretty big! The main reason why you should attend one such celebration is for the music.



  1. Tea
    Visit Munnar, which is a hill station, hills covered with tea! This is one of the tea producing areas of Kerala, you can taste different kinds of teas at the plantations after taking a long walk of the property and soaking in the greenery.


Life in Kerala is still simple, even though they are catching up with the modern times and you will see a lot of influences from the UAE as well, there are still many parts which is living the simple country life. To take some time for yourself you should visit Kerala! Check out our holiday packages to see what suits your needs. Run away from the chaotic life of London and Manchester to fly away to peaceful Kerala and take that much needed relaxation!

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