Summer Travel Essentials

Summer Travel Essentials

We don’t want you to be under-prepared when you’re travelling to a really hot location that is completely different from British weather.  You already know that Hoodaki experts will at your service should you run into some travel related issue, just give them a call! Our aim is to make your travel not only cheaper, but absolutely comfortable!


If you’re planning to take a journey to a location you haven’t ever travelled before and all your web searches have told you it’s a really hot place these are certain essentials you should definitely pack in your luggage! But, first make sure you figure out the least hottest time of the year of the specific place unless of course, you want to be there during that weather. After which, your packing should contain these items.

  1. Light Cotton Clothes/ Quick drying clothes – You don’t want to steep in your own sweat, do you? Pack light, quick drying clothes; which are also loose fitting.
  2. Mosquito Repellent – If it is hot, there will be mosquitos and other bugs, so get a repellent that works for all sorts of bugs.
  3. Antibacterial (Talcum) Powder – Rashes are one annoying problem that comes with heat and sweat, keep a rashguard or anti-bacterial powder to keep away the rashes.
  4. Sunscreen – Well, obviously, try the one that suits you best and keep reapplying because it may read sweat proof but you know it isn’t.
  5. A Hat &/or Scarfs – Physical blockers in addition to your sunscreen for extra protection.


  1. Shoes that let your feet breathe – Get comfortable shoes that aren’t completely closed, also pack flip flops.
  2. Sunglasses – Don’t want to be blinded by the sun now do we?
  3. Medicines – Regular painkillers for headaches, stomach flu medicines. Medicines you are used to so that you don’t have to experiment with medicines you find at the place you are in.


Prepare yourself for the place you’re going to, so that you are confident should some problem arise. Like you know for your travel queries Hoodaki will be there with you. Don’t be afraid to explore new place, just because you’ve never been to the place before, technologies are so advanced that

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