Top Locations to take that Spring Break

Top Locations to take that Spring Break

Taking a short vacation after the harsh, cold winter is becoming popular for everybody not just the college students. We’ve listed out 5 places for you; which you can visit through Hoodaki with your family for a nice getaway for say about a week or less. Hoodaki has brilliant offers on flights, hotels and even holiday packages for different budgets and different needs! Just give our experts and call and you’ll know.

  1. New York, USA


This enviable destination has won our hearts even before actually stepping in it (thanks Hollywood!), there’s so much New York has to offer! A spring break in New York makes complete sense, the cold weather just got over and there’s something for every type of traveller. Whether you’re there to soak in history and art through museums and theaters or whether it’s to awe at celebrities or you just want to see Lady Liberty. Taking a short trip to New York will be the most enjoyable holiday out of winter.

  1. Sydney, Australia


Although Spring Break isn’t at the same time as most of the world, if in case you do plan to take an “Aussie Spring Break” you need to be there in October. But if you’re not, travelling to Sydney to explore your wild side, the side that has an unquenchable thirst for adventure start planning your journey to Sydney today!

  1. Barbados, Caribbean Islands


    The Caribbean islands offer everything one could wish for, from a break in the sun laying on soft golden or white sandy beaches or just going on an exploration of the islands. You’ll definitely have a trip you’d remember for a lifetime! Barbados is perhaps the definition of lazy spring break where you’re literally laying around at a beach getting an even tan. Soak in that sun! 

  2. Dubai, UAE


    Dubai during Spring comes to life, it’s when various festivals take place and being a part of it is a spectacle and at the same time overwhelms you will a good feeling. Like the Kite fest, where you see various kites from around the world flying high on the beach skies.

  3. Amsterdam, The Netherlands


    Amsterdam, during spring; what can you say about Amsterdam during spring? The Tulip bloom brings various colours, imagine how beautiful your pictures are going to! So many festivals some that even continue the next day! Spring Break is really a spring break in Amsterdam!

Take that much needed break from London, fly away, and go one spring vacation! You’ll love it. You need to keep giving yourself some “me time” just feel to at peace with yourself. From the chaotic lives that we lead, we all need a Spring Break!

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